“Bitcoin Core” Officially Released:

The most recent version of the “Bitcoin Core” (aka client) is now officially available. The newly updated 0.9.0 release version renames the client Bitcoin Core and includes a plethora of other tweaks and modifications. This update has been anticipated for quite some time in lieu of the third release candidate last week.

Among the most significant changes & modifications in the update are new tools and security countermeasures aimed at preventing malicious transaction attacks — i.e. the vulnerability rumored to be blamed for the loss of millions of dollars of funds at Mt.Gox starting back in 2011. While transaction malleability is a feature, rather than a bug, in the Bitcoin Core code, until the latest release coders needed to implement custom protections to their projects to check against transaction ID (TXID) changes.

Other notable changes include the dramatic drop in default transaction fees. The new default setting is 0.01mBTC per kilobyte, about a tenth of the previous fee. This new default setting was implemented to account for the rise in bitcoin price over the last year. Developers noted in the release notes that this change does not force miners to accept low-fee transactions.