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Bitcoin Explained — In understandable Terms

Years ago people bartered in order to get the services or goods they needed, which meant that they could only “buy” something if they already had something of equal value to offer. The problem was solved by creating currency, which is a medium of exchange with a specific value. Currency has traditionally been created […]

Bitcoin Mining Made Easy…

For new Bitcoiners the concept of mining can be confusing to wrap your head around. While thoroughly intricate and highly technical, the means and techniques by which this currency is obtained is a very important process to understand. The following should help tone down the technical and having bitcoin mining explained thoroughly will ensure […]

Bitcoin Core — 0.9.0 Version Officially Released

“Bitcoin Core” Officially Released:

The most recent version of the “Bitcoin Core” (aka client) is now officially available. The newly updated 0.9.0 release version renames the client Bitcoin Core and includes a plethora of other tweaks and modifications. This update has been anticipated for quite some time in lieu of the third release candidate […]

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    Underlying Security Mechanisms for the Bitcoin Distributed Currency

Underlying Security Mechanisms for the Bitcoin Distributed Currency

Even to those who are otherwise technologically savvy, Bitcoin can seem like magic. Despite not relying on any sort of central authority, this distributed currency keeps exact track of countless financial transactions and, when properly secured, is considered by most to be a very safe way of storing wealth. Underneath that apparent magic, though, […]